Wednesday, July 7, 2010

#iPhone4 Griffin Reveal Case Side by side #iPhone3GS Griffin Elan Form Cases

So I just got my new Griffin Reveal case in the mail and thought I would tell you a little about what I thought about it so far. I personally really like the product that Griffin puts out for the iPhone. As you can see there isn't a substantial size difference between the iPhone 4 on the left and the iPhone 3GS with a Griffin Elan form case on the right. In hand however, you can feel the size difference. I really like the squared flat surface that the new iPhone 4 has compared to the rounded back of the iPhone 3GS. The Griffin Reveal case is made out of a solid piece of clear plastic for the back so you can see all of the great awesomeness of Apple engineering. The outside edge is made out of a strong flexible rubber. You stretch the rubber slightly to let the iPhone slip in and then it locks into place. The rubber lip extends slightly above the screen giving it a slight buffer from contact on the ground if your iPhone were ever to sit face down.

Here is the side view of the two cases. The iPhone 3GS has the nice rounded edges. It grips will with the pleather like material on the back. Both iPhones have Zagg Invisible Shield Screen protectors on them. I've been sold on Zagg's product line. You can see both cases offer cut outs for the the mute function button. The Reveal case does cover up the volume up and volume down buttons as well as covers up the top button on the iPhone. Another nice thing about these cases is that they do seem to alleviate the "death grip" reception problem. It feels nice in your hand and it doesn't feel like its going to slip or fall out. Plus you have the security in knowing that if it does fall, your investment will have a barrier in place to protect it from scratches.

Here is the side view that I was talking about. You can see that the iPhone 4 only has the ring/vibrate button exposed while the iPhone 3GS has the volume rocker buttons completely available. This minor detail doesn't seem to affect the ability to change the volume as the case is soft enough to push the buttons with no problems. I do like the seamless look of the iPhone 4 case. The two piece case of the iPhone 3GS does make for easy cleaning of dust and lint.

Here is the rear view of the case. The wet looking streaks are the Zagg Invisible Shield rear cover sticking to the clear plastic in the back of the Griffin case. This clear case will probably look really good with a white iPhone 4 as well. I'm not sure how long its going to stay scratch free though so we'll just have to wait and see. Packaging on the right is simple enough. Shipping was fairly prompt. I did have to wait for UPS to deliver on a second attempt but that was due to requiring a signature and I wasn't home.

Well that pretty much sums it up with comparing my two primary cases for both my phones. Any questions, feel free to ask and I'll be more than happy to answer them.

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